Wednesday, June 6, 2012

One of my favorite websites is  FlightMemory is a website that allows you to input every flight you've taken, then it maps out your flights and creates a list of interesting statistics about your time in the air.  It's a simple yet addictive way to see how your flights look on a world map.

When you log into FlightMemory, you get to view a map of all the trips taken yesterday by the website's community.  For example, here are all the flights taken by users yesterday, Tuesday, June 5, 2012:

All FlightMemory users' data for June 5, 2012 (source:

I was so excited when I first joined the website that I painstakingly entered all my flights in my life that I could remember into the database.  I even took out my old passports to double check dates of our family vacations.  It took forever, but I'm glad that I took the time to get my information correct so I could have the most accurate statistics about my life at 36,000 feet.

My USA map (source:

Some of the great average statistics FlightMemory gives me are:

Flight Distances
In Miles - 349,908
In Kilometer - 563,122
Earth Circumnavigation - 14.05x
Distance to the Moon - 1.465x
Distance to the Sun - 0.0038x

Flight Time 
Hours - 799:38
Days - 33.3
Weeks - 4.8

Total - 330

My World Map (source:

FlightMemory also ranks the top ten airports, airlines, and airplanes I've flown in/out/on:

My Top Three Airports
DFW Dallas/Fort Worth -  144 flights (21.8% of my flights)
BNA Nashville -  140 flights (21.2% of my flights)
ORD Chicago - 50 flights (7.6% of my flights)

My Top Three Airlines
American Airlines - 169 flights (51.2% of my flights)
Air Canada - 35 flights (10.6% of my flights)
American Eagle Airlines - 26 flights (7.9% of my flights)

My Top Three Aircraft
McDonnell Douglas-80 - 109 flights (33.0% of my flights)
Boeing 737 - 58 flights (17.6% of my flights)
Canadair 200 - 27 flights (8.2% of my flights)

In addition, FlightMemory gives crew members an easy way to track all their flights.  Every flight a pilot flies must be logged in a book by hand.  However, FlightMemory allows users to say whether the flight they took was for pleasure, business, or as a crew member - therefore eliminating the need for the pen and paper!

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